Wacky Workshop Rules of Play at Goldrush

Main Rules of Play

  1. All Children must be accompanied by someone with parental responsibility at all times.
  2. Wacky Workshop does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children and are not a replacement for parental supervision.
  3. Wacky Workshop operates an age restriction policy of 9 years and under, with a height restriction of 4ft 9 inches (1.45 metres).
  4. We have a separate baby/toddler area for children aged 0 to 3 years old. Parents / guardians must accompany their child in this area at all times!
  5. Our multi-level larger play area is aimed at children aged 2 ½ to 9 years old. It is strongly advised that younger kids stay on the bottom level and do not venture up to the higher levels until they are fully capable of using the equipment safely. Accompanying adults should decide their own children’s ability.
  6. Shoes must be removed before play and given to staff who will store them behind reception.
  7. Socks must be worn at all times! NO SOCKS, NO ADMISSION!
  8. Play users should remove all jewellery, loose clothing, sharp objects, mobile phones, coins or other personal possessions from themselves before play. This is the responsibility of the accompanying adult.
  9. Though not wishing to discriminate against users with impaired vision, spectacles may be extremely hazardous in this type of play environment. Glasses should be removed unless worn with a retainer or have shatter proof lenses.
  10. Children should not use the play area if he/she has an obvious recent injury or is clearly unwell.
  11. Food, drink or chewing gum is not permitted within the play frame.
  12. Play will allow free expression, provided it is not to the detriment of other users or the equipment. Those children displaying signs of this behaviour may be asked to leave the play area. Bullying or fighting will not be tolerated. (Time out rule may apply)
  13. Parents / Guardians must accompany children to the toilets. The toilets are located through the double doors at the back of the play area. These double doors have a release button to prevent younger kids from getting out. Please be aware of your children’s location at all times.
  14. Nappy changing should be carried out in the appropriate area and nappies must be placed in the correct bins provided.
  15. Parents or carers should understand that their children are using the facility at their own risk.
  16. There will be no over- crowding. Adherence to the maximum numbers will be maintained.
  17. All incidents must be reported to a member of staff immediately, so they can provide any necessary assistance to prevent any reoccurrence.
  18. Play is restricted to 90 mins during peak times.
  19. It is recommended that children use the toilet before using the ball pool.
  20. Balls straying into other parts of the play area should be returned to the pool.
  21. Balls should not be thrown at other play users.

Slide Rules

  1. Slides should only be used by one child at a time, with the exception of the Astra Slide, where there are two lanes.
  2. A feet first, sitting up or lying down position (on backs only) should be permitted, with arms crossed and hands placed on opposite shoulders.
  3. Children should sit centrally on the slide.
  4. In order to avoid friction burns, appropriate clothing is strongly advised. Short sleeved tops and bottoms are at your own risk.
  5. 5. The bottom of the slide should be clear of children and objects at all times. It is the responsibility of the parental supervisors to ensure their children are adhering to this rule.
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